The Gobfather, Goblin King of the Moisty Mountains

The Gobfather, Goblin King of the Moisty Mountains
from The Wobbit A Parody

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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Don't miss out on this incredible offer! Get a Collectible Wobbit Ironic Bookmark absolutely free of charge.  All you have to do is:

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    No salesman will come to your door. Your Collectible Wobbit Ironic Bookmark will ship in 24 hours, and will be autographed by me! If you would like your bookmark to not be autographed, be sure to say so in the text of your email. Non-Autographed Bookmarks are available at no extra charge. Postage and handling are free.

    Please Note: The Wobbit Ironic Bookmark is NOT intended for use with your copy of The Wobbit. It is excellent for marking the place in whatever book you're reading now, because you'll stop reading it as soon as you order The Wobbit from Amazon.

    If you haven't ordered your copy of The Wobbit yet, instructions are provided on the bookmark for your convenience. No purchase is necessary to receive your very own Collectible Wobbit Ironic Bookmark.

    Thanks again!

    Paul Erickson
    Author, The Wobbit A Parody

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